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In today's fast-paced world, filled with a whirlpool of events, a variety of offers and a kaleidoscope of possibilities, we often face a difficult choice. The right holder also has such a choice when he decides which organization to transfer his property rights to manage.

I have the honor and pleasure to work in the Private Institution “Non-profit organization for the protection of copyright and related rights “Amanat”, and I am very pleased that our team makes its contribution to the development of the field of collective management of copyright and related rights. Our country is still young, the sphere of collective management of property rights of copyright holders is developing. We still have a lot to do.

Council of rightholders


Svetlana Kogan

Was born in May 1968, in Alma-Ata, in a family of architects. Has two higher educations: pedagogical and economic. In 1987, combining her studies at the institute, Svetlana got a job at the Almaty Association of Musical Ensembles and began her professional career and solo career at the ensemble "Samal" restaurant. Svetlana Kogan successfully takes part in city, regional, state and international concerts. In 2004, at the television project "Stars on the Silk Road" held under support of the Almaty Department of Culture of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association of Non-Commercial Institutions, Svetlana Kogan was awarded the title of "Queen of Chanson of Kazakhstan". Over the years of her solo career, Svetlana Kogan has worked and continues to work with a galaxy of leading musicians, poets and composers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, whose names are known to all admirers of the musical genre: Yu. Lebedeva, V. Musailov, V. Antas, S. Mironov, E Yakubov and many others. Currently, Svetlana Kogan continues to work successfully, and, constantly honing her professionalism, invariably pleases the grateful audience with her talent.


Takhir Baitullin
Sound director, misician, arranger, composer, performer, poet

Born in Almaty in 1976. Education: Higher legal; special musical Worked with the Makpal Zhunusova production center as a bass player, participation in live on stage concerts; with the recording studio of Roza Rymbaeva as a guitarist, collaboration with sound engineer Alexei Ostrovny. Work in the teams "Cardinal", "Accent", "Deathtrack" Installation of Post production programs for TV, commercials, recording, arranging, jingles, mixing, recording guitar, keyboard, vocal, drum parts as a studio musician, writing lyrics for musical compositions, including in English and French. He worked a lot on the set of feature films as a sound engineer. and a sound engineer. From 2000 to the present time he has been working as a senior sound engineer of the NTK TV channel, working with with TV channels "KTK", "ORT Eurasia", "Khabar", "Channel 31", with various production companies, recording studios, performers.
Zairov Alim

Lesnikov Maxim Gennadievich
composer, performer

He began his career in show business in 2000 with the performances of the duet "MD", which he created being a student of the music college named after Tchaikovsky. Later the group was renamed "Personal file". In 2005, the duo released the album "Together Now", which included the compositions "I am always with you", "Tears of love", "Somewhere near", "Together now", "Island" and others. In 2008, Maxim publishes an author's collection, which includes songs performed by Dilshat Akhmadiev, Ruslan Tokhtokhunov, Gr. "Heartbreaker", Meruert Yessen, Ex. "Rakhat Lokum" by Yuliyns and others. At the moment, Maxim is working solo. The song "The Paths Are Parting" was presented on the "Russian Radio" in the "Orange" program in the CIS. The video shot lasted more than seven months in the local hit parade. Recently, a new lyric video of the artist for the song "Flowers" appeared on TV broadcasts. At the mometn, the soundtrack song "Kashagym" to the TV series "Inzhu" performed by M. Lesnikov has become popular.
Lyubov Balmagambetova

She was born in the city of Alma-Ata in 1960. Has a BA in law. She worked in various positions in the courts, in the financial police, in the legal consulting. Since 2009 he is the head of the Private Institution “Non-profit organization for the protection of copyright and related rights “Amanat”. She completed distance learning at the WIPO Academy (WIPO) for courses - Fundamentals of Intellectual Property, Copyright and Related Rights.